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  1. Meet ME ingame for your prize
  2. Seems i mustn't add items in seen places again Anyway congratulations you have won but before i process to give ya the reward as i got asked by multiple players ill check logs to make sure you didn't spawn vehicles using admin commands nor teleported to object using them
  3. 2nd Item is added Have fun looking
  4. After half an hour 30 guys were passing among it and walking through it and none could see it Finally Congratulations your vip has been set New item in 48 hours
  5. Hello Everyone and welcome to first official summer month ??? Ofcourse as your lovely community we won't forget you in our activities in summer and we will stay up your expectations,this month even name will be Find The Item What is this event? This event will be developed under 4 weeks (1 month) each week we will be hiding a different item among San Andreas and we will give you a hint each 2 days ,which means 3 hints per week for each item. What will i win? Each Week the event prize will be different for the guy who find the item depends on the difficulty of where the item will be hidden at. Okay stop speaking now what are the instructions? So here is the first hidden item details with the first HINT and how would it look like ingame First item name: Money Bag (CJ one) How it looks like ingame : Ingame it will look like this : The item won't need you to use maverick as it will be hidden on ground First Hint:Las Venturas Second Hint : in 48 hours Third Hint: in 96 hours Prize for first item: 10000000$ End date of first item:22/6/2020 Winner is the first one to post down a screenshot with him near the item ingame followed by his ingame name Have Fun searching folks Regards AvT Management team (Management team are not allowed to participate in this event (+managers))
  6. Hello everyone c: We have decided to do such great activities of this month: -PUBG Event -Find the missing icon -Discounts -Vip giveaways etc.. Sadly as may is almost over, we won't let the chance run away from us. This month, there will be a 50 percent discount on all Donor prices that are found on our Store All you have to do is to add "AvT" as a coupon code in the blank and then the discount will be automatically-calculated. Current accepted payments: Paypal, Credit Cards, Skrill. Have fun! and see you at our first huge event at 1/6/2020 Regards: Management team!