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  1. Hello there everybody! Summer vacation has Just began, and for this we'd like to support you as It is a very special summer, especially after the corona pandemic. Therefore, we decided to do a summer discount for all the purchases at our store. there will be a 55 percent discount on all Donor prices that are found on our Store ,this discount will remain the whole summer of 2020 (Ends on 10th September 2020). All you have to do is to add AvSum20 as a coupon code in the blank and then the discount will be automatically-calculated. We wish you best of luck within this summer vacation! #Stay_Safe Sincerely Avy - Lead Manager - Community Management.
  2. Dear the entire AvT:SA-MP Gaming Community. We'd like to apologize for the inconvenience. Server went offline for several hours due to some errors. Therefore, and due to some technical errors on the previous server's node, we were obliged to completely move to a new node (Western Europe), and for this our IP address has to be changed, which is: Server is opened, thank you for waiting. If you face any stats rollback, please do not hesitate to create a topic right here: Help and Support Sincerely AvT:SA-MP Gaming M.Team.
  3. Hello everybody on AvT:SA-MP Gaming. We are preparing for something great, very soon. And we need help from your side, we are doing the good for you of course. We would like to request from you, to save screenshot of your in-game stats as soon as possible. It is important either for you or for us, You have to do it, for your and our good. Thank you for your time! Sincerely AvT:SA-MP Management Team.
  4. Hello Everybody, SvT - C7 Members. As most of you know that today (for specific Islamic-countries) marks the beginning of Ramadan, when Muslims across the world will be fasting during daylight hours. Although it’s a worthwhile cause for Muslims who fast, it can also be a difficult time, as those participating must eschew even water during the day before Iftar when the moon is out. Therefore the AvT:SAMP Community Staff Team - Media Team - Development Team - Executive Management, would like to congratulate you for this holy month, We also may the divine blessings of Allah(the God) protect you. We advice you to be patient, prayerful and wait for the fulfillment of your visions. During this month, AvT:SAMP Team will be always with you, and will be always working to satisfy every member in the entire community! Sincerely Avy God Bless you. #Stay_Home
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  6. On behalf of SvT - GW Management I'd welcome you to the AvT:SA-MP Gaming Community We have a very long history, started back at 2016 when our community was established. We began to raise up since then, and we are today standing at the top of lists around san andreas multiplayer platform And we really appreciate you for being one for us, and for trusting us and supporting us! We always hope you are okay and fine, and we are always working for you and to satisfy your needs! Although of all the attacks from haters and traitors, we are still standing at our position, strong together! We are strong as ever we have been, because of you! Sincerely AvT:SA-MP Executive Management Jr.Management Team Administrative Team Media Team AvT:SA-MP Gaming Community.