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  3. Hello there everybody! Summer vacation has Just began, and for this we'd like to support you as It is a very special summer, especially after the corona pandemic. Therefore, we decided to do a summer discount for all the purchases at our store. there will be a 55 percent discount on all Donor prices that are found on our Store ,this discount will remain the whole summer of 2020 (Ends on 10th September 2020). All you have to do is to add AvSum20 as a coupon code in the blank and then the discount will be automatically-calculated. We wish you best of luck within this summer vacation! #Stay_Safe Sincerely Avy - Lead Manager - Community Management.
  4. i need help

    if u see my message so come dicord and mess m


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  6. Dear the entire AvT:SA-MP Gaming Community. We'd like to apologize for the inconvenience. Server went offline for several hours due to some errors. Therefore, and due to some technical errors on the previous server's node, we were obliged to completely move to a new node (Western Europe), and for this our IP address has to be changed, which is: Server is opened, thank you for waiting. If you face any stats rollback, please do not hesitate to create a topic right here: Help and Support Sincerely AvT:SA-MP Gaming M.Team.
  7. hung_ak


  8. until
    kill or died
  10. Best Item Use to Start
  11. Meet ME ingame for your prize

  13. I Found The Bag MoneyBag
  14. Hello everybody on AvT:SA-MP Gaming. We are preparing for something great, very soon. And we need help from your side, we are doing the good for you of course. We would like to request from you, to save screenshot of your in-game stats as soon as possible. It is important either for you or for us, You have to do it, for your and our good. Thank you for your time! Sincerely AvT:SA-MP Management Team.
  15. Seems i mustn't add items in seen places again Anyway congratulations you have won but before i process to give ya the reward as i got asked by multiple players ill check logs to make sure you didn't spawn vehicles using admin commands nor teleported to object using them
  16. I Found the Bag
  17. 2nd Item is added Have fun looking
  18. After half an hour 30 guys were passing among it and walking through it and none could see it Finally Congratulations your vip has been set New item in 48 hours
  19. Last updated: (4/10/2019) 1)Do not use any kind of bugs that gives you advantage over other players. Punishment: -Abusing any server bug will be punished with a jail if kept abusing will lead to from 48h to 1 week ban. -If you have gained stats by bug abusing, your stats will be reset. -Use of anims to avoid death or lose of health will be punished with a warning. If repeated, kick and over time ban of 1 week. -Abusing any SA:MP bug (C-Bug and 2 shots) will be punished with a ban of 1 week. 2)Do not cheat or hack as it won't get you anywhere. Punishment: -First time cheating: 2 weeks ban. -Second time cheating: month ban. -Both your IP & Account will be banned. -Usage of any kind of hacks which can harm the server will be punished with a permanent ban. -Players gaining scores by using aimbot, rapid fire, auto c-bug will have half of their score reset. 3)Do not insult other players nor do not spam/flood the chat. Punishment: -You will be punished with a warning if repeated, mute and ban if it gets out of control. -Usage of spam tools / keybinders to spam the chat will result 2 weeks ban. 4)Please do respect everyone (Players & Adminstrators). Punishment: You will be asked to stop, if continuing you will be punished with a warning or mute, if may lead you a temp/permanent ban. 5)Do not score farm as it's considered as exploiting. Punishment: Players gaining scores by farming it with their friends will have their stats reset(both). 6)Do not car-park players. Punishment: You will be punished with a jail. If repeated, warn, and may lead to temp/perm ban. 7)Do not spawnkill. Punishment: You will be punished with a warn. If repeated, kick or even ban if it gets out of control. 8)Do not ask for things from Adminstrators, earn them legally. Punishment: You will be muted, and it may lead you to a permanent ban. 9)Baseraid is not allowed. (Attacking bases with heavy vehicles). Punishment: You will be punished with a warn first. If repeated, it might result a ban of 1 week. Repeating it may lead you to permanent community ban. 10)C-bug only allowed in dm arenas. Punishment: Using them somewhere else would lead to jail/warn and might be 'permament ban' 11)Placing mines & /pb at capture point not allowed. Punishment: Would lead to jail/warn/kick/temp-ban.
  20. Hello Everyone and welcome to first official summer month ??? Ofcourse as your lovely community we won't forget you in our activities in summer and we will stay up your expectations,this month even name will be Find The Item What is this event? This event will be developed under 4 weeks (1 month) each week we will be hiding a different item among San Andreas and we will give you a hint each 2 days ,which means 3 hints per week for each item. What will i win? Each Week the event prize will be different for the guy who find the item depends on the difficulty of where the item will be hidden at. Okay stop speaking now what are the instructions? So here is the first hidden item details with the first HINT and how would it look like ingame First item name: Money Bag (CJ one) How it looks like ingame : Ingame it will look like this : The item won't need you to use maverick as it will be hidden on ground First Hint:Las Venturas Second Hint : in 48 hours Third Hint: in 96 hours Prize for first item: 10000000$ End date of first item:22/6/2020 Winner is the first one to post down a screenshot with him near the item ingame followed by his ingame name Have Fun searching folks Regards AvT Management team (Management team are not allowed to participate in this event (+managers))
  21. Your name in the game: Fatic Voting for: Ahmed1337- sobia Reason: Active - helpful
  22. Your name in the game:[AVT]ThrownNoob Voting for:[SVT]ahmed1337 Reason:Active,helpful
  23. Your name in the game : [A]mayasDZ Voting for: [SvT]UltimeBoi - Frost Reason: Active. healpful. they do hard work.
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